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Bob and Mary Stempski welcome you to our website.

last updated on April 18th, 2016

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Bobs Return flight home.

Trivia 47, “Its Not Your Father’s Contest” was a total success. We finished in 204th place. That was our best finish EVER! We have steadily climbed the “Trivia Ladder,” 20 years of BB&BB has strengthened our resolve to win and cemented our team friendship.

The food was wonderful, plentiful and I am full of it! (really?) The beer and other alcoholic drinks were consumed with vigor but with respectful moderation. (we can correct that next year!) Our newest members joining the marathon showed they could “take it like a man.” We will have a continuation of the team after the originating members pass on to the great trivia contest in the sky. We can text answers down from up there. Or in my case, text them up from down there?

Sarah's 185 point answer beat out Em's 110 pointer to win this years prize a pint beer glass. The trivia inscribed beer glass will be used (over and over again) by Sarah! (we all know her) For the first time in twenty years we won a grocery bag with 17 great items. Who would have thought of a bag of snacks for a trivia gift bag?

I made a few boo boos and a few flies flew into the trivia ointment. I am making a list of things I have to do better next year. The poor reception of the radio station caused a few questions to be almost inaudible? Next year we will make sure the radio will be heard better in the living room. A wipe-able board will be hung so the players can see the phone number, team number and the answer. Paper and place mats with a pad of paper for all computers! The snack-dessert-booze table will be removed for more room and placed in Mary's office.

It would not hurt if next year we all had a spiral note book beside our evening chair to jot down all the commercials we view each night! I know it sounds crazy but if the other teams can do it, so can we! I am willing to try that. So I am putting a note book right next to …... (Mary's chair)

I am currently rewriting my trivia (set up for next year) cheat sheet. So next year everything I fixed or corrected this year will be added to and refined for a improving and better trivia experience. If I rely on memory I will not remember anything except you're smiling faces and? and? Oh, I forgot where I was going with that? Anyway, something about my memory? Whatever? 

So Mark your calendars for April 21, 22, 23 2017 Trivia 48
Baby Boomers and Boomers Babies Year 21

Video will be < here > in a few days!

Trivia 2016 Baby Boomers and Boomers babies year 20 from Robert Stempski on Vimeo.

See Video of previous years on the Trivia Page.

The 2016 Trivia wrap up… 

Year   Theme of contest   Date held   Place   Points
2016 Trivia 47   It's not your Fathers contest.   April 15-16-17   204   5450
2015 Trivia 46   Guardians of the Contest   April 17-18-19   217   5940
2014 Trivia 45   "Trivia on 45"   April 11th-12-13th   234   3840
2013 Trivia 44   “That’s not all Folks”   April 20-21-22   242   2385
2012 Trivia 43   “Trivia Grit” J Wayne   April 8-9-10   229   2405

Thank you all trivia players.  Mark your calendars for 2017 April 21, 22, 23 Trivia 48

Baby Boomers and Boomers Babies Year 21